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We are a diversified investments and financial solutions centre with interests in Banking, Discount House Operations, Investment Management and Advisory Services as well as Forex Bureau operations. We pride ourselves in the quality of our services, which have created a formidable reputation in all our business arms.


To be the leading provider of first class financial solutions in Malawi and the Southern African Region.


To provide value to all stakeholders through superior returns, sustainable growth, secure and efficient solutions based on sound business values while being an employer of choice.

Core Values

Transparency and accountability, Respect, Commitment to client, Teamwork, Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, and Employee development.

Wealth Management

The professional management of an individual’s financial assets and investments to help them achieve their financial goals.

Stock Markets

Stock markets are platforms where buyers and sellers trade stocks, which represent ownership in publicly traded companies.

Strategic Partners

Iindividuals, organizations, or companies that form a mutually beneficial relationship to achieve common goals or objectives.

Retirement Plans

Choosing the right retirement plan depends on factors such as your income, employment status, and long-term financial goals. It is advisable to consult with a financial advisor or tax professional who can assess your specific circumstances and guide you in selecting the most suitable retirement plan for your future.

Fixed Rate Bonds

Fixed Rate Bonds can be a valuable addition to an investor’s portfolio, providing stability, income, and diversification. It is advisable for investors to carefully assess their financial goals, risk tolerance, and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.


Alternative Investments

Investing in alternative investments typically requires a higher level of expertise and due diligence compared to traditional investments. It is important for investors to thoroughly research and understand the specific risks and potential rewards associated with each option.


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